Wellness-Work : the principle

Wellness-Work includes:

  • the taking into account of exchanged internal informations by the staff expressed by interviews elements,
  • an indivualized interviews system,
  • a permanent automatic analysis of the collected informations to provide to any manager:
    • a help to decision,
    • decision monitoring.


Help to decision and decision monitoring are provided through different points of views which characterize each customer's exploitation.
Each staff member is allocated to a point of view in a matching organizational structure.
Each point of view structure is characterized by themes that describe it.
Each theme includes a list of raised subjects.
A group of subjects from different structures of different points of views constitutes an interview.
A group of interviews can be constituted, then their frequency planned.
Each subject is often an assertion or negation the user has to validate or refute... and, if need be, comment.

Help to decision materializes through decision indicators concerning a point of view, a structure, a person, one of the themes of the structure, to a subject, possibly commented to make taking decisions easier.
Decision monitoring materializes by the evolution of decision indicators through a configurable period which can last up to 2 years and expresses the efficiency of taken decisions.
Managers have a free management space for their decisions, which Wellness-Work doesn't take into account.