Our services

User licences

The user licence notion means VigiControl.

A user who is interviewed about two points of view represents 2 users.
Example: a user described in VigiControl Hierarchy and in VigiControl Projects accounts for 2 users.

Inventory service

The inventory service consists in identifiying then refer the points of view, then the structures which charaterize the exploitation, then all the roles played by the staff in the characteristic structures of each point of view, then each staff member with a role, then finaly, the themes that are needed to discuss with each staff member.

Personalization service

Personalization service permits to define each interview, its frequency, continuity, discussed contents.

Configuration service

The configuration service permits to define and configure the different actors of VigiControl, and their rights.

Database Customer Interface

The Database Customer Interface permits to import and update the staff's database.

External server Service

The External server Service permits to outsource a VigiControl in a dedicated server.

For example, the Health-Wellness server can be outsourced to guarantee better privacy.

Group training

Group training permits to insure the training of the trainers to using VigiControl.

Be they users or investigators.


Specific taining

Specific taining concerns each expert-customer who will implement a part of VigiControl.

Investigation service

Investigation service permits the customer to receive investigation reports concerning one or several VigiControl.

Exploitation audit

Exploitation audit permits to analyse and advise the customer in his VigiControl implementations.

Maintenance and evolution service

Maintenance and evolution service permits to have possible correctives and regular updates of the product. Only the last version of VigiControl is retained.

Ethical control service

Ethical control service is a compulsory service. Internal Business Intelligence makes sure that VigiControl is used in compliance with the VigiControl Charter, so that it is not miss-used.