Wellness-Work : the need

The managers wish to:

  • have more pertinent informations to decide better,
  • better verify the efficiency of their decisions,
  • better and faster be able to adjust their decisions.

To improve the efficiency of the managers to manage, decide, manage a project, communicate, manage conflicts, animate, motivate, coach a team, respect the defined objectives, it is necessary:

  • to exploit all the informations available,
  • to take decisions more pertinent,
  • to notice faster the need to adapt one's decisions:
    • to a not yet identified situation,
    • to a changed situation,
    • to a bad assessed situation.


The staff needs fulfilment to improve its performances and its productivity. The staff's fulfilment factors are essential:

  • money,
  • consideration and acknowledgement,
  • intelectual interest,
  • working atmosphere,
  • teamwork,
  • hierarchical management,
  • empowerment,
  • authonomy,
  • trust,
  • communication and information.


The Staffs wish to :

  • be loyal, fulfiled, proud employees,
  • improve their implication in their professional life,
  • participate in the development by:
    • sharing innovative ideas,
    • suggest optimizations,
    • better manage projects,
    • better develop their activities,
    • etc.
  • reappropriate their work.