PATRON NEUTREInternal Business Intelligence offers careers in very high information treatment technologies.

The founders are 25 years experts in innovation linked to computer science applications in the following domains: telecommunications, industry, avionics, bank, insurances, military, etc.

The expertize domains of the founders are multiple, particularly in artificial intelligence, help to decision, exploitation management, security and privacy, etc.

Offered careers in Internal Business Intelligence demand imperatively for their co-workers to have a creative open and curious mind, while staying extremely concrete. Our conception as an entrepreneur is to offer the possibility to each staff member to:

  • take our training courses in creativity and operate it in our dedicated meetings,
  • take our training courses in artificial intelligence so they can master its concepts and know how to explain them,
  • be capable to question their certitudes to make sure they advance both in know-how and in make known.

Commercial co-workers have to be capable of understanding the high technological levels we implement so they can explain them.

Technical co-workers should be capable of questionning their knowledges to raise their point of view, their creativity and their technical knowledge.